Saturday, February 19, 2011

TPO Roofing Systems

Colorado roofing statistics reflect the remarkable growth of Thermoplastic Polyolefin  Roofing systems .(TPO Roofing) Denver roofers have been installing this system since the 1980's. Low slope roofing | Flat roofing in Denver Colorado were dominated by bituminous multiple ply systems from the 1800's thru the 1990's. For a variety of reasons, including economis, social, and performance considerations. the conventional built up roof system now represents less than 30% of the roofs now being installed. Certainly, the cost of petroleum and the difficulty of finding skilled laborers willing to work with hot asphalt are major factors
Polymer bituminous( Modified Bitumen Roofing) roofs have the advantage of using less material and labor. and in many regards are tougher and more flexible than the asphalt and pitch roofs that preceeded them
EPDM Roofing is another option which uses a single ply membrane. Advances in production technology combined with the use of a ballast for wind resistance( rather than adhesives) and the ability to use the thermally efficient polystyrene insulation have proven to be a cost efficient affordable flat roofing system.
EPDM Roofs become less cost efficient when they must be adhered or mechanically fastened. because not all buildings can support the added weight of gravel ballast.Seams are vulcanized.
Hot air weldable seams of TPO Roofing are stronger than the membrane itself and therefore are unlikely to leak in the future.TPO is a form of green roofing as it is a highly reflective white that lowers cdooling bills. If you have any questions about a failing flat roof call the experts at RMR Rocky Mtn Roofing Siding Solar today. We are the local roofers for Metro Denver and all of Colorado

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